Diamond Stud Source Star Rating System

At Diamond Stud Source, we have implemented a five-tier quality rating scale, so that you can select the diamond that is best for you with total confidence before you make a purchase. This ensures that all of our diamond stud earrings will meet or even exceed your expectations.

5-Star Superb Diamond Stud Earrings - the finest quality available.        

Choose from our 5-Star Diamond selection when you want the very best quality available. Each stone delivers the ultimate in Sparkle Value with a completely clean and white composition. Color is always G/H, Clarity is always VS2 or better.

4-Star Premium Diamond Stud Earrings

Select from our 4-Star Diamond collection when you want a close-to-perfect stone with exceptional Sparkle Value. Similar in quality to what you might find in high-end independent jewelers, these diamonds always very white, and totally eye-clean. Color is G/H, Clarity is SI1.

3-Star Quality Diamond Stud Earrings

Choose from our 3-Star Diamond collection when you want a good quality stone with noticeable Sparkle Value. More impressive and less expensive than what you will find at your local jewelry store, our 3-Star Diamonds are always white and eye-clean. Color is G/H, Clarity is SI2.

Nearly-Perfect Diamond Stud Earrings

Our Nearly-Perfect Diamonds provide an opportunity to purchase good quality stones at an affordable price. While not completely white, they still maintain a vivid sparkle and are close to being eye-clean. Color is G/H, Clarity is I1.

Budget-Saver Diamond Stud Earrings

Our Budget-Saver stones are ideal for a first-time diamond earring purchase. Some minor flaws may be visible; however they still provide plently of sparkle when worn. Color is H/I and Clarity is I2

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